Andrew Jason Martin (AJ Martin) originally hails from the New England area. His family is comprised of carpenters, machinists, farmers, teachers and artists. The importance of education was stressed from an early age and his parents made sure that learning was not just done in the classroom. His father often had him on the jobsite or in the woodshop with him, while his mother encouraged summer reading. The first would become his profession the latter carried through as his leisure. He and his wife (Michelle) have recently relocated to the Denver along with their son (Andrew).

AJ holds a Bachelors of Arts in History from Quinnipiac University.
This appreciation for the past has led him to use restored antique tools. Several of these tools were passed to him from his maternal
and paternal grandfathers along with their knowledge and wisdom.
He believes that hand tools not only connect us to the piece we are creating but to our heritage. AJ feels that it allows him to “find his center despite the many distractions of our modern world.” Being able to step away from the chaos he is then able “take on the everyday obstacles an individual faces with renewed strength.” He already begun to teach his son woodworking with the hopes that even
if it is not to be his profession or passion the experiences will
lead his son to pursuing what will be his path.

“One can argue wood is a renewable resource, but we shouldn’t test the limits.” This is the thought behind many of AJ’s works. He stresses that there is an abundance of “reusable” wood that, with creativity and patience, can be transformed into something beautiful. Without forgetting functionality, AJ strives to create beautiful works that will serve for years to come. The goal isn’t just to create a piece of furniture for your family to enjoy but for generations of your
family to enjoy.